I worked professionally in finance at  university for decades, but my personal life exists in the studio.  Since childhood my passion for art has been apparent-I was always drawing, translating, and interpreting the world around me into visual images. When I moved to Boston from Taiwan in 1990, I began taking ceramics classes at School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  My clay pieces still decorate my home in a myriad of shapes, colors, textures and sizes.  The process of applying glaze to pottery fueled my desire to explore painting itself. I began to work in oils, and quickly discovered that I was meant to be a painter. My pictures engage creatively with nature, focusing on landscapes, still life and abstract forms which are inspired by contemplation of the natural world. These activities have encouraged me to develop skills in creative flower arrangements as well, which I do regularly.  I look constantly at art, assimilating and adapting what I see to my own unique, colorful style.  Over the past sixteen years, I have regularly attended art classes at Brandeis and other Boston-area institutions such as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I’ve also sought out new environments to enrich my visual vocabulary by traveling across the world.  I strive to compose fresh, vibrant, and original work by the exploration of paint on canvas.

International Travel Programs:

2000  British Virgin Islands, The School of the Museum of  Fine Arts

2003  Cuba, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts

2007   China, Three weeks of intensive program, The Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2008  Vermont, The Massachusetts College of  Art and Design