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i plant flowers, shrubs and trees and i paint them in different seasons, times of the day and different weather conditions, sunny, rainy or stormy. i paint them from different positions: from above, the side, close up and at a certain distance. some times i go strolling or hiking in parks, meadows and hills to catch interesting sights for inspiration.

exploring new england landscapes

this series is inspired by hemingway’s book “the old man and the sea”

“flying kites” by taiwanese poet hwang zei suoe has always moved me.

2004 nobel peace prize winner wangari muta meathai from kenya assisted african women by planting more than 20 million trees.  i  respected her leadership of environmental conservation and was delighted to pay homage by planting trees on my canvas.

i admire composer felix mendelssohn and enjoy listening to his music.  i created my own music by painting with three movements, “beautiful morning”, “sunny midday”, and “rainy afternoon”.

early memories

the first day of the full moon in a lunar year is known as “lantern festival” in taiwan.  my father bought the most exceptional lanterns for my family.

i frequently create flower arrangements and have also been a ceramicist in the past.  combining these two pursuits in interior decorations gave me inspiration for this series.

the challenge is to integrate these subjects in a colorful and meaningful way.  the juxtaposition of plants within a structure – both in my home and in my church – create a varied use of color and design which informs my aesthetic judgment.  selections of specific flowers, such as quince, chinese lantern, and amaryllis, remind me of taiwan.